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Mark Ray

Hello A-list
We have AB PLC-5 controlling remote I/O networks in my plant and we are thinking of adding AS-I to some I/O.
Is there an interface for the AB remote I/O to handle the AS-I network?
What kind of architecture might be best? Any ideas would be welcome.
Mark Ray

Phil Marshall

The cleanest PLC-5 to AS-i implementation is to use the SST Profibus card for the PLC-5 then use a DP to AS-i Link to establish the AS-i connection.
This solution has been used for many years and works well. As an alternative I believe there is a PLC-5 to DeviceNet card, you could use this and then a DeviceNet to AS-i link made by B&W - "":

Phil Marshall
Hello Mark,

There is a product offered by Pepperl-Fuchs that will connect AS-i to Remote I/O (like a gateway). Additional items are required, but they are standard and will be detailed with the product documentation.

As for other methods ..... gateways to higher level networks are very easy to install and look transparent to the host system. If you have
something like a DeviceNet or Profibus system in the area this may be the best way to go.

Two options Mark. If you have any questions please contact me at 610-524-2017.

Best Regards,

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