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If anybody know how to communicate with air compressors from Atlas Copco, please help me.
Problem is that communication STOPS after some time( 1 hour to 2 days ) with one compressor, after some time with second and finaly everything is dead.
When communication stops, only power off/on of communication device is help.
Atlas Copco is unable to help with this situation.
They told me that communication stops, when communication buffer is flooded (very robust software).
I send requests every 1500 ms.
That's to slow to flood anything.
There must be another reason to stop.
If you know something, plese tell me.

3 compressors are connected in 485 network.
Every compressor has it's own address (1, 2, 3).
I think that my implementation of MODBUS protocol is OK.
It works with other MODBUS devices without any problems.
Are you using RS-232, Current-Loop? RS-422?

If you have a 4-wire (or 2-wire) RS-485/422 *with-OUT* signal ground, you may have a ground build up. Remember your compressor is a hugh power/noise
device and anything with a "floating" earth near it may have a tenency to build up potential. Use an optically isolated card in your computer & make
sure you run the floating signal ground from this card to the (hopefully) floating signal ground on the MkIII.


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I'm in the need of comunicating to a terminal like you describe via RS232 port. I have no idea yet how i should ask for data to the terminal or what can i do in order to retrive data via 232. Can you help me on how should i work this. I was
thinking on buil a VB aplication to get data from the port...

any idea or information on how can i get information will be usefull.

Thanks in advance