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Ron Gage

Yesterday, 9/11/2001, our lives throughout the world were forever changed, tainted by the direct actions of less than 20 individuals. In the course of an hour, 4 seperate aircraft had been hijacked by these individuals and used as awful
instruments of horrible destruction. Because of these actions, untold thousands of people have met with an unfortunate and untimely demise. Some of us may know individuals who were directly affected by the devistation, either through a family tie, a working relationship, or throught the Internet. One can only hope to God (or
whomever your religious icon happens to be) that their end was quick and painless. Lord knows that there are countless thousands more who are suffering through the physical aftermath of that attack and perhaps millions more who are suffering the psychological torment from having seen this attack unfold right before our
collective eyes.

Make no mistake about this, each and every one of us has lost something yesterday. Whether you are American, Austrailian, French, English, German, Asian, Indian, or whatever, our world has forever been altered. Our sense of peace and relative calm has been shattered. Some of the darkest forces on the face of this planet have forever changed mankind.

Think about this - many, if not most of us utilize air travel as a part of our jobs. It is not unusual for us to have to get on a plane and travel to a customer location, sometimes on a moments notice. How many of us are now going to think twice about doing this? The perception of the safety of air travel has been obliterated, thanks to this diasaster. Our jobs will forever be affected by this event.

I hope and pray that each and every one of you on this list have been spared the personal agony of knowing someone who was lost to this tradegy. I also hope and pray that those of you unfortunate enough to have suffered a personal loss will find
the strength and solice and hope in believing that your friend or loved ones suffering was short and painless. Our collective hearts, thoughts, and prayers are with all of you, and with all of those who have been directly affected by this attack.


Ronald R. Gage - Owner
Linux Network Services
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Enrique Fernandez Araujo

Dear Colleagues,

In such a miserable day, I feel that everyone who believes in freedom must shout against coward terrorism attacks.

I would like to extend my deepest sympathies and condolences to all the American people, particularly to those who are directly affected by these attacks.


Eng. Enrique Fernandez Araujo
Thank you for your thoughts on this matter. My thoughts are the same.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of this tragedy.

Our life in the United States has changed forever.

We are American, we are strong, we will persevere.

Jerry Groff
Controls Engineer
Hall Industries
I also would like to express that we share your deep sorrow. We; as your TR colleagues, were shocked by this terrible event and clearly understand your feelings as a nation which suffered from terrorism and similar acts for more than 25 years.
Dear Fellow Americans

I want to show the respect and solutide of all Sikhs and their nation i will say a prayer for every life lost in this tragic moment. Faith, Honour, Respect, Unity will bring these parasites to justice.

Dal Badial

Ramer-1, Carl

I thank each and every one of you for your condolences to the American members.

Please understand that while these cowardly acts of terrorism were carried out in the skies above and on the soil of the United States of America, they were directed at all of the free world, including every member of this list. The World Trade Center was just that, a center for World trade. I don't have the statistics, but many of the 450 or so companies
housed in that complex were foreign owned and staffed. The body count may weigh heavily on the US tally, but large numbers of your own countrymen and women will be listed as well. This was indiscriminate murder of civilians, not a military action and certainly not induced by any rational interpretation on any religious doctrine.

We will all get past this atrocity and resume life in a different world. There is no alternative.

Carl Ramer, Engineer
Controls & Protective Systems Design
Space Gateway Support, Inc.
Kennedy Space Center, Florida
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Hugh Scoggin

Dal Badial

Thank you for you concern. We all pray for the souls of those who died and the welfare of those who lost their loved ones.

rgds, Hugh Scoggin

Hugh Scoggin

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We must remember that we are all American(regardless, of Race, Creed, or national origin). We must honor our common dead and consecrate ourselves to repairing the fabric this senseless act has torn so brutally.

Fabrizio Gambetti

Dear American friends,
I want to show my solidarity to everybody at the end of the three minutes of silence in honor of your victims and your Nation. I pray for every life lost, for peace in this tragic moment.

Fabrizio Gambetti

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Dear Friends,
Last week was a trying time for us all, as we watched a series of events unfold that were hard to fathom, hard even to believe. Many of us from were in Houston, Texas attending the ISA show when we heard of the attacks. The business of the show turned to the business of
humanity, as everyone's attention was riveted on various monitors (including our own) showing the latest updates. The next day, 1000 people turned out for a blood drive in the convention hall, in a very visible and personal display of support.

Over the following days, messages of condolence and support came in from all over the world, some on this forum and some private. With the
airports closed, we began a long drive back from Houston -- 1900 miles in a rented passenger van -- a minor inconvenience compared to the price
paid by many innocents that week. We arrived safe and sound, if tired, after 37 hours of travel.

In the meantime, people of many countries of the world engaged in spontaneous displays of support. (For a compelling and touching
collection of photos from all over the world, visit: .) Many of us relearned a lesson long since forgotten, that we are one people with more in common than there are differences.

I greatly appreciate the messages of support sent to this forum, and the restraint that has kept a human tragedy from being used for political or
ideological purposes. At this point, however, I ask that we turn our discussions back to the normal topic of the forum. In this context, the
best answer we can give to terrorism is a renewed commitment to help one another and cooperate in our mutual interests.

Best Regards,
Ken Crater, President Inc.
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