Beginner in Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Industrial Automation & Robotics


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Rushi Shroff

Artificial Intelligence is a very broad subject. It has application in
multiple segments like Gaming, Mechatronics, etc.

I want to start learning Artificial Intelligence from scratch. How can I start? Any web resources?

Rushi Shroff

Following books are important for studies in AI.

1. Elaine Rich, Kevin Knight, <i>Artificial Intelligence</i> Second Edition, Tata McGraw Hill Edition.

2. Rolston, D.W., <i>Principles of Artificial and Expert Systems Development</i>, McGraw Hill Book Company, International Edition.

3. Padhy, <i>Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems</i>, 2005, Oxford University Press.
Those books are great to start but if you're looking for to start in a robotics progran, George Brown College has an online distance education Robotics Technician program that you can take to get started. Check out the website for more information: