can control system vision be improved by spiritual nature?

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An automation program which I was unable to understand for many days, after repeated trials, became crystal clear to me when I tried to understand it while I was in a spiritually elevated state. The understanding came to me in a fraction of a second like a flash. It was not a single step, a series of steps became crystal clear to me in that flash.

I experimented my finding with my colleague Rajkumar-Kenz, a structural civil design engineer who does not have any PLC base. I explained him PLC fundamentals and directly took him to deeper levels of control automation when he was spiritually live. He was able to visualize it so clearly that he was able to give much superior solutions in control & automation. Whatever I learned in PLC and DCS through years, he could absorb in a sitting when he was in a spiritually live state.

Can we interconnect control system and spirituality if we dig deeper and deeper layers of control and automation world?
Can we stay on topic? This site should be for Technical Problems, not on how one gets their mind around the problem. The web is full of sites that will help you with that cause. Next we will be using Taroh Cards and Witch Craft to program a PLC. GET REAL.

If you can find a way to magically write perfect code, Draw electrical prints just by thinking about it. Power a motor from “Spiritual Energy”. Let me know I will patent it and cut you in for half. We will both be rich beyond our wildest dreams.

Until then, is this the proper forum for this kind of dribble?
Yes, staying on topic is fine. This discussion group should be spiritually neutral to keep it professional.

The other issue is that when dealing with people on the plant floor you will get no respect if you do anything other than buckling down and getting straight to the heart of the problems. Operators and maintenance technicians have really good B.S. detector systems built into their brains.

A bit shortsighted of a response dave. I for one would think it to be terrifically if wilson williams cizhuthanickel with that recent enlightenment would shed some light on the difficulty a lot of people have with fuzzy logic. And I'd sure like some insight into some more superior logic solutions. The world has changed. I thought it was not all that long ago (40 years is not that long) back in Europe when my master chided me, saying "it took me 10 years to learn that - I'm not going to lay that out for you in 5 minutes". Cruel, he made me work and study. Imagine the work I have put into automation the last 25 years could be condensed into a single flash. I'm getting exited just writing this, I want to know more. Maybe, maybe we'll all be rich!


George G. Robertson, PE, PMP

Hey! I bet we could get some federal grants to study this!

George G. Robertson, PE, PMP
Sounds like an interesting concept. Unfortunately I won't be able to look into this, as we have random pee tests at the plant where I work that prevent us from doing meaningful "research".