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Ward Feldman

I was wondering if anyone could lend me any information on measuring the roundness of canisters. I currently have a few ideas, but I am looking for anyone that has implemented one or has worked with a similar device. I am working on a glass vitrification plant and we need to measure the roundness of steel canisters after they are filled with glass to verify they are
within specs for storage. The canister is positioned upright onto a turntable and the height and roundness measured. Below are the specs

Hazardous conditions are as follows :

1. Ambient Room Temperature : 60 C

2. Equipment Radiation Tolerance Reqd: 10,000R/Hr

3. Accumulative dose rate 10x9 rad

4. Accuracy order of magnitude : +/- 1mm (this needs verification)

5. The canister is 61cm in diameter.

6. The canister is 4.5m long

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks