Cannot read Triconex (Tricon) aliased addresses

Cannot read Triconex (Tricon) aliased addresses 33001-33080 in BIN7.OFFSETxx ; however I can read some registers 30001-30099, 31001-31003
For more details please check attached files; exported tags to (*.xlsx, *.xml) and then saved on *.pdf
I'm using Function Codes 03 and 04
Any help would be appreciated.


What is type of the datas that you triyin to read.. It is memory datas as per OEM manual:

Reading and Writing REAL Data
These programs show how to read and write N values of type REAL from Port P, Station S,
starting at specified aliases.
Please let me reformulate my question.
I’m using KScada Modbus Doctor to read Tricon Modbus registers. When I come to read modbus registers 33001-33010 of the type Real; BIN7; I can read some values but they are not updating on the Modbus utility and are different from the values in the tricon, meanwhile I can read registers of the type DINT[BIN4: 30001-30010 & BIN5:31001-31010] and the values are updating.


Make sure you're trying to read the correct registers. To do this, you need to first understand what register notation both the Tricon and Modbus Doctor use. Refer to this post for the various notations:

From your Modbus Doctor screenshot, it seems the "Register" field may be a 0-based register address and the software automatically calculates the "Address" field, which appears to be a 6-digit reference notation register number.

It would be helpful if you could provide screenshots of Modbus Doctor reading only 2 registers (1 value) both for the Real and DINT cases, and also tell us what the value should be (what the value is on the Tricon).