CEMS In-situ analyser


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J. Bhattacharya

Although, everything seems hunky-dory about in-situ CEMS analysers, we are facing some difficulties in medium sized captive power plants. Very often the instrument has to be mounted on the stack at an elevation of 70 mts or above. In medium sized CPP, we do not have lift on stack. It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to bring down the instrument, if required.

I agree that maintenance is low and standard issues of extractive sampling etc are eliminated. But the probe is subjected to very harsh situation (hot, ash laden flue gas) inside the chimney and the electronics housing is exposed to 50 deg C ambient. So, one cannot rule out a problem. It is nearly impossible to service the instrument at that level on the stack platform due to associated risks. The cal gas cylinders has to be on the stack platform and it is a big task to bring them down for a refill.

Sachin Mewara

What is the make of CEMS. I had faced the same problem and we have shifted the analyser at 16 mtr. working fine.

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