Cimplicity (Advanced support required)


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Alok Khatlawala

I have an application where I need to connect a MODBUS RTU compatible instrument using Telnet ports (i.e. through Ethernet to RS232 terminal
I am able to do so using the Cimplicity Modbus protocol driver. However, I have two networks and thereby two terminal servers. This makes it necessary to have two telnet ports with different IP addresses.
How do I configure the data transfer so that Cimplicity can take care of failure of one of the terminal servers OR one of the networks. Do I need to configure the points through some virtual device and do programming (based on Comm Error)
to activate the first or the second physical device?
Can some one please help?

Alok Khatlawala

Ravi Shankar

Could you be more specific and add in more details about what you are wanting, what is network configuration, what software/hardware are you using and that kind of stuff.