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mark ray

Hello A-List
I am looking for any information on programing a Klenzade MP 1800 Turbo unit that is used for cleaning food process equipment.
I am with a citrus processor and cannot get much help from the Ecolab company because the people I work for will not buy their chemicals.
I am very dumb when it comes to this system. It is not user friendly and the book I have on it seems incomplete.
Does anyone on the list have any knowledge of these units or the software that runs it.
Mark Ray

Talk to the Sanitation Manager for the facility. At a minimum that person
should have documentation on the CIP cycles, time, temperatures, chemical mix and strengths, and wash loops. If this does not help you may have to bring in Klenzade tech for a service visit to pick their brain. Most company techs will pass on to you just enough info so that you can get going on the right track. Questions to ask and to get info on are... answers to the points above and... what type of PLC (if any) is used... can you get the code... what is it coded in... can you get wiring diagrams...

Good luck...

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The MP1800 used a dedicated processor board (6802 cpu)linked to Opto22 I/O modules. It was superceded in the UK by the XL unit (dedicated board based around a 6502 cpu).

The controller is configured to suit your CIP set (single tank/recovery tank etc), and CIP programmes are programmed into the unit entering Stage Code & Time for each step of the sequence.

What information do you have/need for the MP1800?

If you're in UK then I can help out personally.

I understand that there is some transfer software that can be used with a pc. I would like to have that to work with. Right now I am trying to
gather information on the system. In about a month I will have the time and the need to make changes to the system.
Mark Ray
Hi Mark. I am wondering if u had any luck w/ your MP 1800. We are having hardware problems w/ our system and Klenzade has been downright rude in dealing w/ them! Would U be able to point me in the direction of someone who may carry spare parts for these things?

Any help appreciated.
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I am the Manufacturing Manager at Ecolab Engineering. I'm not sure who you talked to; however, we do service and support our control systems, whether or not you are an Ecolab customer.

Please call me to discuss your application, and we will get you the support and information that you need.


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Adrian Watson

Hi there
I work for a UK based company called Canongate Technology. We have developed a direct replacement for the old Ecolab XL/MP1800 units.

The unit is called a CIPCheck and uses the latest PLC technology to provide a reliable replacement. It also uses the same clean programs as the old units so you are not reinventing the wheel - hence reducing swapover costs and time.

Our website is

or call me on +44 7711 736205
or email on [email protected]

Adrian Watson
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