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Salai Kuberan E S, Manager/C&I

Hi everybody

I would like to know the best available practise for Controlling combustion in a Bagasse (stoker) fired boiler in a Cogen Plant.
As such we are not able to tune our controls due to wide fluctuations in Fuel Quality affecting Air/Fuel ratio. Any relevant info in this regard is most welcome TIA

ES Salai Kuberan

Romulo Rodriguez

Have you tried S. Dukelow "Control of Boilers"? I think you can buy it at the ISA website:

I suggest you stop thinking of controling air/fuel ratio and use an energy balance approach using a combustion index like the air/steam ratio. Take a look at how coal-fired or bark-fired boilers are controlled.


Mr. Kuberan,

I was curious if you had tried the air/steam approach and your experience in doing so.

Hi Mr Kuberan I would suggest Book pehaps the best to knowl "Cogen in the cane sugar industry" by john howard payne Pub. Elsevier Science
Publishers I'm trying
pl. share your exp. thanks