Comms between S7200 and Intouch


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Gavin Bennett

hi list

Does anyone have any success setting up communications between a PC (win98) and a S7 226 using a siemens S7200 OPC server and Wonderwares OPClink ?
The OPC Path in the OPClink Topic definition has a S7400 TCPIP example in the help file.

Gavin Bennett - Octotech cc
Haven't tried. But if the OPC Server supports browsing you should be able to browse and find the path(easy way). Otherwise you will have to manually type the path in(hardway because who knows what the path is). If you don't know the path, contact Siemens for help on finding out the path.

Remember when using OPCLink with InTouch that you need a prefix character of i,r,d or m for each one of the 4 types of IO tags InTouch supports (integer, real, discrete, or message).