Communicating with a field device with either Hart or Profibus DP


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I need a gateway that either talks Modbus, Modbus Ethernet, or Interbus to either Hart or Profibus DP. This meter has a setpoint and both relays and 4-20 mA outputs for controls. I would like to be able (with the aid of a central HMI)to change the setpoint of the mass flow meter remotely and also read the current pv or accumulated total mass. The relay outputs will suffice to let me know when the batch is complete and there is already a digitil input to reset the total. Is there anyone out there who has done something like this in the past?

David Alvarez Quiroga

I guess you are looking for a protocol converter from MODBUS to PROFIBUS-DP. Does your central computer talks MODBUS or PROFIBUS-DP? It is important to know if your gateway is to a PROFIBUS-DP Master or slave.

My company has a protocol converter from MODBUS to PROFIBUS-DP. It is a card that taks MODBUS upwards and is a PROFIBUS-DP Master downwards, so there you can connect several PROFIBUS-DP slaves.

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