Communication between laptop and plc5/15


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Hi everyone,

Can anybody advise what hardware I need to connect a laptop with RSLinx and RSLogix5 and a serial port to the DH+ interface on a Allen Bradley PLC5/15.

Many thanks.
If you have to use the serial port, you're going to need a 1770-KF2 or the equivalent part from Datalink. If you have a PCMCIA slot, get a 1784-PCMK card and cable to match the connector you have (DB9 on a 5/15 I think?).
Thanks for that.
I was hoping it would be something cheap and cheerful like a 232 to 485 converter, but with a KF2 costing >£600, I guess there's more to it than that.

Jerry Miille

Another important question is why do you need to make this connection? Are you going to do programming or do you just need to move data?

Can you please provide some additional information.


Jerry Miille
Mainly for programming. Previously used 6200 software with a KT card in a desktop but this is not always practical or convenient for on-site work.