Communication between PC-Soft Wizcon v.7.5 and AB-Micrologix 500


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Claudio Pires

Hi, all! Does anyone know how to establish the communication link mentioned above at the subject field ?

If the Plc in question was an SLC500, it would be simple, using the Wizcon VPIWNAB3 serial driver for Allen-Bradley SLC500 family, Data Highway 485, where I don't even need to use RS-Linx. But using the same driver to communicate to a Micrologix controller seems to me the cause
of the lack of communication.

Does anyone knows of a specific driver for this situation ( better a serial driver) ? Or it would be necessary to also use the RS-Linx ?

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I currently have a network of AB Micrologix 1000's communicating with the DH-485 protocol. If the Wizcon VPIWNAB3 driver is really DH-485 you can do what you've mentioned. You will need one 1761-NETAIC module for each Micrologix. They handle the RS-232 to ABs 485 signal conversion (the protocol is handled directly by the Micrologix). The RS-232 from the Windows box can connect to 9 pin serial port on any of the NETAIC modules.

If the WPIWNAB3 driver is really speaking AB's DF-1 you'll need a protocol converter (read more $'s). Since DH-485 is a closed proprietary protocol, there are not too many non AB products
that actually speak in DH-485

Hi Claudio,

The MicroLogix 1000 uses DF1 full duplex protocol, or DH485 protocol is selectable in Series C or later processors. If your Wizcon package has a DF1 full duplex driver, that's the one to use out-of-the-box at 9600 baud. If you're also using DH485 devices you can set the MicroLogix 1000 to DH485 mode and use an AIC+ isolator to connect it to a DH485 network.


Ken Roach
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