Communication network problems in unity pro for Modicon PLC


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Mihai Vijulie

I have 3 PLC, 2 Modicon Premium (P57 2634M, P57 4634M), and one PLC Modicon M340 (P34 2020). Programming software is Unity Pro L. PLC Modicon M340 (P34 2020) communication on network in Unity Pro.

PLC Modicon Premium (P57 2634M, P57 4634M) do not detect in Unity Pro. Mac address for P57 2634M is 00 80 F4 06 11 A0. On the mac address accrue ip address

I attach a few photo. Is necessary as 3 PLC to communicate in network for monitoring process with Vijeo Citect software.

apology for my english

Mihai Vijulie


Mihai Vijulie

Hello Mr. Gonzalo Jimenez,

PLC Modicon Premium (P57 2634M, P57 4634M) do not detect in Unity Pro, and neither in Unity loader. Error in Unity when connecting to the simulator (

"Error during connect (This isn't a valid PLC address, or PLC is busy, or media is off)"?

for both PLC Modicon Premium (P57 2634M, P57 4634M.

I send an email on your email address with some photos.

Best Regard,
Mihai Vijulie

Gonzalo Jimenez

Hello Mihai,

I saw your pictures, your problem is that you are telling Unity Pro to connect using a serial port. if you want to connect using XIP driver, you have to tell Unity Pro to do so...

In Unity Pro, go to PLC -> Set Address...
in the window that pops up, in the address section write {1.2}SYS and in the media section select XIP01

It should work.

Be sure to select: PLC -> Standard mode

Good luck! and let me know how is it going.

Gonzalo Jimenez Yamasaki
Just remember that the m340 cannot be connected to using xip. normal ethernet yes but not xip.

Took me a while to figure that one out.