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Andy Wills

I am trying to understand which technologies are expanding their application in BMS in the different locations USA/UK and Europe.

I am confused as to whether Bacnet is really growing to overtake EIBus in Europe and Echelon Lonworks in UK/Europe.

I have to decide whether or not to train up in Bacnet. My core work is in Ecehelon Lonworks and EIBus for BMS systems.

I have come across Bacnet once or twice but would appreciate views on how this is likely to develop.

Looking forward to hearing your views.


Old, Bob (SBT US)

Howdy Andy,

Our customers here in the US are pushing us very hard for BACnet. And the SBT technology leadership are pushing for BACnet in access control and life safety businesses, in addition to our HVAC controls business. We see similar customer demand in Europe and Asia, too.

I'm not sure how this translates in to deployments you work on.

B.T.W., I thought EIBus had been subsumed by Konnex. Perhaps the continued demand for your services on EIBus could give us a feeling for how fast the market is converging on common protocols.

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To Andy Wills:

BACnet is a communications protocol. While the BACnet standard covers all communications layers, it is only the Application Layer (top level) that is universal. Under that Application Layer may be LonWorks, Ethernet, ARCnet, or any other communications system including wireless. To get more information see the BACnet website and this page in particular:

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Please... the manufacturers are pushing BACnet. The customers in general have no concept other than what you tell them. Andy, you better learn it (BACnet) because many of the manufacturers are pushing it for various reasons, none of which are a result of the quality. I think these manufacturers are determined to let that stone-age BACnet MSTP outlive the far more robust EIA-709 field bus technology.