Configuring Controllogix MVI Module as Master


I made the Controllogix program and set up the MVI module as Modbus. I wired an energy analyzer and made all communication parameters such as address, baudrate, etc. But no communication.

At my program under MCM.config, there is a configuration list for port1. I made it true.

I use this PLC as slave before and it worked. But i couldn't achieve to configure this as a Modbus master.

Any tip for this?
Is this an MVI56e-MCM or MNET?

For the MCM, you need to configure PortXMasterCommand[Y] for every Modbus command you want to send to the slave.

For the MNET, use Prosoft Configuration builder to set up the client commands.

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>Is this an MVI56e-MCM or MNET?

Yes, it is MVI56e-MCM.

IS there a bit that indicates that master and slave is communicating, under the MCM tags?
Not a bit per se. If you've used the default configuration of the MCM (size of input and output bytes --INT[600]-- error pointer etc..) thenyou should easily be able to find the command error list that lives inside the module's database. Open Prosoft Configuration builder. Add a MVI56e-MCM module. Go online with the card (through the ENBT CIP connection). Right-click, upload parameters.Right-click again, this time click Diagnostics. At the bottom of the new pop-up window, there is the database. View the database in Decimal.

Scroll through the window to between addresses 600-1200 (I can't remember the default start address for the error pointer at the moment), but somewhere you'll start to see numbers 0, -41,-42, 43,-44 etc.. 0 is what you want to see. Any other number indicates an issue. Consult the Prosoft user manual.

Also, for any change you make to a PortXMasterCommand (address, register, register count etc..) you need to warm-boot the card by toggling WarmBoot under MCM.Control.
The Command List errors will start at address 1500 with the default card configuration. In addition to the -40s error codes, you may also see -2, -11 etc.

Check that the card has the jumper setting correct for the application, RS232 or RS485 (don't remove the card from a powered up chassis! The Prosoft cards are not hot-swappable.)
Thanks mr.Annon,

I will cebeci your advice. unfortunately, i remove prosoft card a few times, but it works fine.


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