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My project involves tuning a PID controller for a biomechanical model in 5 different ways; each tuning method yields a unique set of controller gain parameters with different performance characteristics. I'm interested to know, when I write this work up, if it is legitimate to refer to 5 different *controllers*, since even though they are all PID controllers, their tuned gain parameters are all different, OR, is it preferable to always refer to my 5 "sets of controller gain parameters"?

Example: Is it correct to say, "We compared the performance of the 5 controllers on the following performance metrics...",

or, is this more accurate: "We compared the performance of the 5 sets of controller gain parameters on the following performance metrics..."

The latter terminology is clunky and I would prefer not to have to repeat such a long phrase repeatedly throughout the manuscript, but one of my collaborators objected to my referring to my 5 "controllers", since they are all PID controllers and, therefore, the collaborator said, all the *same* controller.

Thanks for your insights! I'll be interested to see if there is one single correct answer, or if this turns out to just be a matter of preference/style.
>If you can't control 5 things at the
>same time you have only one PID with 5
>gain sets.

Thanks for the clarification, Peter -- that was helpful.