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A. Walters

I'm trying to use a Temposonics feedback device on a hydraulic servo axis. This device has the ability direct drive the hydraulic servo valve. Problem is that its capability is limited to +/- 50mA and I need +/- 400mA for this valve. Anybody know of a low latency current transducer that would do the job?

Kipton Moravec

What voltages are you running? Is it less than 24V? How accurate do you need? 5%, 1% .1% ?? How much can you spend? It may be a relatively simple transistor and op-amp or high output op-amp circuit. In this case, the latency would be less than 1 microsecond. How much latency can you tolerate? Kip [email protected]

Curt Wuollet

National Semi, Burr-Brown and others sell current boosters that should work for this. I don't really understand your application, but the buffers should have adequate BW and phase margin. Regards cww
Thank you all for the responses. This web site is one of the few not categorized as a complete waste of time.