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"D.C. Pittendrigh

Hi All

I have for a number of years used the products of a company called Frederick Engineering, for analysis of problematic serial links. For at least the last 8 years, I have actaully owned one of their Feline Parascope units which has payed for itself any times over.

Recently I contacted the company on their website to ask about the possibility of purchasing a new set of battery terminals for the breakout box which plugs into the parallel port of my computer, as a colleague of mine has used the unit with acid batteries and when they went flat, the batteries caused damage to the unit. Well today, I recieved a set of replacement parts, which I have installed already, everything fitted perfectly, and the repair took 10 minutes to effect, 5 if the soldering iron was already warm, but even this is not the impresssive part, the charge for this service was nothing, I never
asked for a freebie, my unit has been out of guarantee for several years, and the type of damage was not guarantee based stuff anyway,
no-one asked any questions, they just sent me the parts.

This must surely be the greatest customer service I have seen, I live in a country renowned for bad customer service, and so am perhaps easily impressed, but I challenge anyone to beat this. I know advertising is not welcome on the automation list, I have only the intention of sharing what I consider to be top quality service, but if you are interested, I can be contacted at
Email:[email protected]
for their contact details.

Donald Pittendrigh