DB25-RJ45 Connection in ABB Advant MasterBus300


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Dear Experts,

I have a concern about connection between DB25 & RJ45 in ABB Advant MasterBus300.

The MB300 communication port (CS513) in Advant Controller 450 is DB25 type. This is converted to RJ45 type thru small converter then connect to Ethernet Switch of MB300 communication.

As I known, when working with Ethernet connection, we have to use IP Address. My question where is there configured IP address in above described communication? I tried to find in manual and in controller configuration but cannot find anywhere to configure IP Address.

Pls teach me about it.

Dear Vu,

MasterBus300 does not use I.P. Addresses for communication; it uses node numbers. The connector you talk about only converts the serial connection to Ethernet so that it can be connected to a switch and probably sent via fiber optic to the control room or to other remote nodes, but the protocol stays the same, so basically you are transporting the Masterbus300 serial signal over an Ethernet cable with the help of that little converter.

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