DCS communication with ESD and F&G


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Hello to all,
In process control system we have three main control system as DCS, ESD and F&G system. The ESD and F&G system connected to DCS via serial data link as Modbus (RS485).

In addition to mentioned link, in our architecture we have another communication between ESD and F&G system with DCS connected directly to DCS highway network (monitoring network) via industrial network.

My question is: What is the purpose this connection? and does it need to consider beyond serial communication link with DCS? As I know that communication between DCS with ESD and F&G consider to collect and monitor status of ESD and F&G signals in DCS HMI.

Please explain the purpose of the other link.

Thanks in advance.
Hi Moji,
For us to be able to provide useful suggestion, we need more detail information from you:

- System architecture diagram would be useful, please post it on free image hosting such as photobucket.com and paste the link here so we can open and review the diagram.
- What is the brand and type if DCS, ESD, FGS we are talking about ?

Thanks and best regards

You haven't stated what your industrial network is, but one would guess the industrial network route is the 1st link and modbus is the slower (secondary) backup.
hi Moji,

DCS ESD F&G system have different category. DCS for controlling, ESD and F&G for emergency shutdown. all three system may or may not be connected with high speed connection or MODBUS. it is on requirement. These all system work independently, but controlling and shutdown for process they have to work on a single network.