Delphi - richedit & memo components


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Wim Vrinds

Can anybody please tell me how to change the overwrite/insert mode of the following text editing components:
- Trichedit
- Tmemo

Is this done by a certain property? or by a certain method? or is this a message to windows?
I have been looking in the properties of those components, but didn't recognize anything which changes the behaviour of the editor.
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Thanks Peter,
This works for the RichEdit.
Just two more questions:
1. Do you know how to do this for a Memo component as well?
2. Is it possible to read back the actual insert/overwrite state of such a component.

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Wim Vrinds

Peter Andersson

Sorry, the Memo component does not seem to use the overwrite/insert mode. I have found no way to check the overwrite/insert mode state. I use Spy++, a tool in Visual Studio to trace Windows messages.