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Pat Russell

I am trying to get a 90-70 PLC to talk to a Delta-V system. Can this be done? Does anyone know of a driver for Delta-V that will allow this?

I've done this exact same thing with 90-70 before. It was a snap. Just use the GE CCM (I copied the description from their website below)
and connect it to a DeltaV Serial interface module which comes with Modbus protocol. You can get the datasheet for it at
"": . The DeltaV module can go from 300 baud up to 115kbaud via rs232, 422, or 485. It has two separate comm ports and each can be a Modbus master or a slave.

I'd recommend against wiring 232 if you're going any serious distance. If you've got any more questions email me at [email protected]

Communications Coprocessor Module

For serial communication, this module provides two serial communications ports with protocols for communication Control (CMM), Remote
Terminal (RTU) and general PLC communications (SNP and SNPX). Features include:
Provides both RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces and communicates with the PLC CPU over the backplane
Completely software configured CMM, no DIP switches or jumpers to set.

Try Modbus. There are a number of options for the 90-70 to be a master: there's a share-ware Modbus RTU master program for the PCM on the
GE Fanuc Tech Support web site. Horner Electric sells a Modbus Master (IC697RTM700) that uses PCM hardware with the driver in eprom.

IF you want the 90-70 to be the slave, use the IC697CMM711.

Finding Modbus info for Delta-V shouldn't be too tough.

Drake Fink
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GE Fanuc
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