DeltaV to ODH ( Matrikon OPC desktop historian connection)


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I would like to know if there are any risks to connecting Matrikon's OPC Desktiop Historian to deltaV. It would be connected to DeltaV.1 opc server (DA-specification). I would like to get feedback from current connections and/or any risks associated with that connection.

I would like to know if we have 100 1 second tags being archived and 400 15 seconds tags, would there be a network overload (since no one knows the network we have... i would like to know the possibility of a network overload on a 1Gps network)


Wassim Daoud

What is your risk matrix? Are you worried about security or just network load?

ODH supports security, so you can connect you DeltaV to ODH securely and reliably through a direct DCOM connection. For the network load, you can use Hub and Spoke architecture combined with Tunneller to minimize the load on your network and send out data on a set intervals.

Here is a list to the enabling products:
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Wassim Daoud
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