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Matt Packer

During a recent firmware upgrade on my Diamond SupraExpress 56e Memmory modem, I discovered that now 8 out of 10 times when connecting to certain ISP's (These are some I tried: Btinternet, Yahoo, Freeserve.), I received the blazingly extreme speed of 14.4KBps instead of a healthy 44Kbps+. Anyone had any similar problems ?? Just Beware when investing in a new Dialup modem. Diamond also has a new trading name - SonicBlue.

John Cooling

Diamond Modems Beware II

I just bought a Diamond Supra Express 56ei V92 modem. It stated Wxp compliant, after installation I found that the CD rom did not contain the xp driver, nor did the Sonic Blue website, (although it stated in the documentation that the driver could be found on the site)

Anyway,I never did get the thing to work, I returned it and got a Zoom 56k V92, xp driver included, works fine.

Your loss Diamond/Sonic or what ever you call yourselves now.
I am now shopping for a modem, and glad to run across your comments. My ISP swears that if anyone has problems with dialup connections they should be using Controller Based Modems. Last year I purchased one of every US Robotics modems
stocked by CompUSA. I could not get one to load the software properly and noticed also, that it did not matter which modem you purchased, hardware or software driven, the CD's and instructions for install was identical. That
couldn't be right either.

A long time ago I had a Zoom in a 486, and I could load three times faster than what my dialup is now. So I just called a Zoom Engineer.

Here's the dialup modem that is TRULY CONTROLLER BASED, and will probably work correctly, No. 2920-00-00L.

If anyone has anything to add, Please email me on this as well as leaving a comment "[email protected]", mailto:[email protected] (Lonn)
I'm building a system from scratch, to include Windows XP, and note your comments re XP drivers for the Diamond SupraExpress 56i VCC V92.
The model number for this modem is SUP2761, which does not seem to exist on the website, however it's predecessor SUP2760 does. Might it be worth trying that driver?

The driver disk seems to contain drivers for Windows 2000, which the website also recommends trying for the 2760 - might this work for the
2761 as well?

Having just returned a brand new defunct Zoom V92 modem to the shop where I bought it, I'm not very inclined to try another Zoom just yet!

Broadband is tempting, though...
try this in
Control panel/Modem/Connection/Advance/
Extra setting type this in the box and try it
AT&F&C1&D2s10=200s25=100s30=0 exactly as it is here reboot and see if this helps. You need to make sure that your DUN settings are the same as your Modem settings EG both are set at 57600 I hope this will help.

I have the SUP2761 modem (ie. "56i PRO V CC v92" in modem properties). if u wana use this modem in XP, just use the install cd and the windows 2000 drivers will be used. these are fine as xp is simply built on 2k/NT technology rather than DOS as the other windows were. hope this helps u guys
i got the 56i pro v cc V.90 and i connect at 92kb after tweaking it i can also connect at 115kb but aol 7 wont let me. mail me for details
You are confusing the DTE speed with the DCE speed readings

Type W2 in the Extra Settings box in Advanced in the modem properties and you will get the correct speeds.