Do all I/O Net Ethernet cable transmit information?

So,let's suppose we have a Mark VIe in a TMR Configuration,when the Mark Vie is sending information to the I/O packs,because it wants to deliver an output,is the information through all 3 I/O Net Ethernet(R,S,T) cables?
And another question,when the controllers are sending an output and that output needs to be voted on an external hardware,that hardware is communicating with the system through the terminal board,the terminal board is communicating to the control systetem through the I/O packs,are all three I/O packs receiving the output value from each controller,or is each I/O pack receiving an Output from one controller?
You may refer to their manual GEH-6721 -Vol -1 Revision BP or higher under section 1.6.4 output processing.
For your 1st question yes it does. Mark VIe system involves a complex voting at multiple levels like in Input, Controller + SIFT (Software Implemented Fault Tolerant), Output as well. Some Terminal Boards does have additional hardware level voting especially when it involves protection system. You have choice to choose what level of redundancy required. Its a mater of Reliability / Availability vs cost decides that !