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Cubbage, Ronald

I am new to the list (two days) so please excuse any wrong doing. in my latest project I am very limited in the space and weight of the whole system. it already needs a PLC and something to drive a DC motor at variable speeds. has anyone tried to directly drive an IGBT directly from an high speed output on a plc and not use a motor
controller at all? thanks.

Ron C

Anthony Kerstens

I suspect that this is an developmental project, but I have to ask: Are electricians going to have to maintain this? IE. someone who is not an electronics technician.

Just because something is possible, doesn't mean it should be done. Evaluate all your circumstances, especially the one down the road where the end user is cursing anyone associated with the project.

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.

Steve Bailey

I assume that you'll be creating a PWM output to turn the IGBT on and off? Its probably doable if you don't expect much for performance. Anthony's point is well taken. Make sure you provide detailed documentation for your successor.