ethernet/ip to opc communications


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carlos diaz

I am working in a machine vision project using PPT VISION smart cameras for quality control. those devices can deliver status data of the production using ethernet/ip messaging. We need to comunicate those devices with an OPC client software. i have no idea how to convert the ethernet/ip messages in an OPC server. Is there a change to intall a driver or any software in a PC to serve as a bridge between these two protocols?


Derrick Vandekraats

Consider the products from Matrikon, They have a large offering of interfaces for OPC solutions. Everything from OPC servers for almost any protocol to various opc clients.

Best of luck.
Assuming you're using an AB PLC for control, you could Ethernet/IP MSG the vision inspection data from the PPT processors into your PLC and then use the appropriate version of RSLinx to access the PLC data tables via OPC.

If you're able to run RSLinx on the same PC as the OPC client software, RSLinx Single Node supports local OPC connections and will get the job done for you. If you require RSLinx to be on a separate PC, you'll need RSLinx Gateway to provide support for remote OPC connections. I would imagine there are other products from 3rd-party vendors that can accomplish the same thing, my company just generally sticks to one vendor platform per job.