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Petr Cach

Hello everybody
I would like to ask you maybe a bit O. T. question. Do you have any experience with Danfoss company and their products? I'm intrested especially in softstarters, but I would welcome every piece of information (eg. level f quality of their products, documentation, customer support, etc.). I'm working on an analysis and I would like to know your opinion. Thank you very much.
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Petr Cach


lee eng lock

we use a lot of their drives and flowmeters and have been happy with the support and products for more than 15 years. this is in south east asian region, i cannot comment on elsewhere. their solid state starters are not made by them i think last time we used them which was 250kw and smaller size in 1997. neither were the vortex flowmeters, i think they were rebadged usa make. they do not make cheap products but the money is worth it in the indudstrial area where downtime is money.


Frantz Miles

First of all, where are you located?

It would make commenting on this topic a lot easier.

Frantz Miles

Richard Norris

I appreciate this is an old thread but feel your replies didnt offer much information. I have used the VLT5000 series drives and found them to be reliable. One shortcoming is the analogue input is low resolution. Also an addon to the series is a motion card that fits into the vlt drives and offers a very accurate positional controller at a resonable cost. The language is easy to come to terms with.As for the soft starters I believe they are made for danfoss by Aucom. Hope this helps.