Fault Tolerant Fast Ethernet Network

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Silvano Pernigotti

Hi, I'm a system integrator involved on a project for a big water plant. In the computer room we need to connect four Windows NT4.0 SP4 WORK
STATION with a redundant fast ethernet network.
To do that we think to use the "Intel=AE PRO/100+ Dual Port Server Adapter" on each computer.
Each computer is connected to two HUBs (Adapter configured in fault tolerance mode). If a HUB or a cable fail the "Intel=AE PRO/100+ Dual Port Server Adapter" will swap to other port and connect the work stations by other HUB. Has anyone experience with fault tolerant network configuration ? Is this configuration working with Windows NT SP4 WORK STATION ?
Please let me known if this configuration will be working.
Thanks in advance.

Mick Phillips

Another option is the Adaptec DUO-64 NIC that has two UTP ports and can be configured as redundant with one IP address. Connection is via two independant hubs.

This works fine with NT4.0 and is quite bumpless on port failure.