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Hi all,
I have a project in which I should use C300 Honeywell DCS and AllenBradley PLCs, which they should be connected via Fault Tolerant Ethernet, now as the client want I need to use SIEMENS PLCs instead of Allen Bradley, I don't know if I can connect SIEMENS PLCs to Fault Tolerant Ethernet or not?

I would appreciate if anybody can suggest me.
Fault Tolerant Ethernet only applies to Honeywell servers, stations, and controllers. You can connect 3rd party devices, whether Allen Bradley or Siemens or any other Ethernet-based PLCs, you just don't get the benefit of full redundancy of Fault-Tolerance Ethernet.
Thanks.do you know is it possible to connect SIEMENS PLCs to Honeywell DCS(C300 controller) through Modbus Protocol with CP341 or CP 441?

Thanks in advance
U can use C300 Honeywell DCS which they should be connected via Fault Tolerant Ethernet, but for SIEMENS PLCs instead of Allen Bradley,u may use serial communication controlnet,i.e Modicon Controlnet trunk cable (Model no:TC-KCCX10).
I think u cannot connect SIEMENTS PLC with Honeywell DCS directly.
Through Loadable Drivers for Modbus RTU (master or slave, 2 different part numbers) you can connect a CP341 or CP441-2 to any Modbus compliant node.

You need to know, wheteher the partner acts as a slave or master, what Modbus functions they support, how the data to be transfered is mapped (in terms of Modbus addressing). Then it is paossible (not that it will be cheap or even easy, but it works).

Hope this helps,
Daniel Chartier