Kawasaki Robotics and Olis Robotics | Remote Monitoring and Recovery

March 04, 2024 by Stephanie Leonida

Kawasaki Robotics and Olis Robotics partner to integrate respective technologies, allowing Kawasaki’s industrial robots to be controlled by the Olis Connect monitoring and recovery solution.

Olis Robotics, a remote monitoring and industrial robot recovery specialist, has announced an exciting collaboration with Kawasaki Robotics, a leading robotics and automation systems provider.

The two companies are combining forces to link Kawasaki's smart industrial robots with Olis’ plug-and-play remote monitoring, control, and recovery solution, Olis Connect. Combining technologies allows machine operators and industrial manufacturers to benefit from better remote visibility of machine processes (which reduces the need for costly overheads associated with human worker employment) and helps to maintain production flow, reducing downtime.


Olis and Kawasaki partner for remote recovery

Olis Connect is a hardware/software solution that enables industrial robot machine operators to monitor and recover their bots to minimize unwanted downtime and maintain production output. Image used courtesy of Olis Robotics


Olis Connect

The Olis Connect system comprises edge-hosted, integrated hardware and software for monitoring, controlling, and recovering industrial robots during production. The integrated solution provides machine operators with low-latency video streams to visually assess machine status. Video alerts help prompt the diagnostic process, and once complete, operators can use teleoperation via their phone or tablet to restart their machines and get production back up and running.

According to Olis, it only takes 30 minutes to set up its Connect offering, offering a true plug-and-play experience for customers. The first step involves mounting the industrial PC and connecting it to the local network (using Wifi or Ethernet). Second, users must pair the industrial programmable logic controller with up to five robot controllers via the setup wizard on the mobile device. Lastly, users can set up external internet access via an approved industrial router.


Olis provides an overview of its edge-hosted, plug-and-play solution for the recovery of industrial robots. Video used courtesy of Olis


Kawasaki, Olis, and CRG Auto at MODEX

Kawasaki and Olis will bring their partnership to the attendees of MODEX 2024 (March 11-14, Atlanta, Georgia) at Kawasaki’s booth (#C5475), which will also feature CRG Automation's palletizing/depalletizing solution. CRG Automation is recognized as an outstanding Kawasaki Robotics partner and acknowledged as a top robotics innovator by the TIMEs.

The partners will showcase an integrated solution featuring CRG’s mixed palletizing/depalletizing solution with a BX130X robot and a Robotic Corner Board Application System (C-BAS) with Kawasaki’s RS007L bot. The system will run using Olis Connect so that MODEX attendees can see the solution in action, observing firsthand the recovery process when a bot suddenly stops.

C-BAS uses patented technology to adhere corner boards to pallets while wrapping, assuring load stability. It has an hourly processing capacity of up to 100 unit loads and a holding capacity of up to 150 different-sized corner boards.

The automated cell will also feature a print and apply station that can affix labels at a substantial rate of 300 cases per hour, as much as double the speed of conventional manual operations. Increased speed and less downtime mean increased production efficiency and output.


Remote monitoring and recovery with Olis Connect

Whether using a tablet or mobile phone, Olis Connect can provide remote access to industrial robots, providing video reports for assessment and initiating recovery. Image used courtesy of Olis


Mutual Benefits

For Kawasaki, allying its technology with Olis Connect provides its customers—including first-time users beginning their automation journey in smaller facilities to users leveraging complex artificial intelligence-based applications in larger plants—with a means of safely recovering their machinery and mitigating unmanned downtime by as much as 90%.

Olis stands to benefit from accessing Kawasaki’s established network of integrators and will work alongside them to retrofit its technology and ready its deployment alongside Kawasaki robot arms.