Floboss 600+ Modbus Fail


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Our Flow Computer FloBoss 600+ gives an alarm Rx Fail due to failure in the Modbus Rs485 Communication with flow-meter Micro-motion 2700. The Flow-meter Micro-motion 2700 is supporting 2-Wire Modbus RS485 Communication while the FloBoss 600+ is supporting 4-wire Modbus RS485. We did several Trials but no the problem still exists.

Does any one have face this problem before?

Another Problem:
we have already installed 2 Flow Computers for two different streams each has a separate Communication with Micro-motion flowmeter. The address for each device must be identified by Modbus Address that can changed from 0 to 248. One of them can be adjusted. The other address can't be Changed as the address shown on Floboss600+ as a TCP\IP address and can't be changed. Any Recommendations or solutions?

I haven't seen the MicroMotion 2700 Configuration.