Foundation Fieldbus (FF) type positioner Stroke with mA Source?

Is it possible to stroke test the Control valve with the 4 ~ 20mA source while we have a Foundation Fieldbus (FF) type positioner?
(We do haven't DCS/PLC system at this stage)
Positioner’s Make & Model:-METSO/ ND9103-FX.


I have not used a device like this to say, but your attached specification sheet states: Local User Interface (LUI) functions: Local control of the valve.

Conceivably, you could supply power and use the LUI to test the valve.
Emerson published an app note about 10 years ago for converting 4-20mA to Foundation Fieldbus (FF) with an FF RTD 644 transmitter. It's still on-line here:
So yes, you can convert 4-20mA to scaled, proportional FF values. But then you have to get those values to the positioner and get the positioner to read and execute those values as its input. The app note doesn't cover that part.

Please tell us how you make out, should you venture down this path.