Fuel Oil Flow


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Can we use an orifice at heavy fuel oil line to measure flow OR we need some other type of flow element/transmitter? At present we are using Variable Area flow meters and having difficulties to prove the readings.

Vu Hong Minh

In our application, ­we used PD meters for fuel oil flow measurement, but must have good strainer.

As I know, you can use some meters such as thermal, ultrasonic, magnetic to measure fuel oil or high viscosity.

If you in custody transfer, I think you should consider to use level measurement instead of flow.


Richard George

Unlikley to be successful but will be dependant on fluid viscosity. If operating temperature can be kept at high to keep "viscosity" down then you may be able to do it.

Pressure drop is usually prohibitive. The plate thickness required to stop buckling will probably exceed that allowable within standards. Impulse lines tend to block etc. etc.

Positive Displacement meter is the most common method for this.

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Jaime Gonzalez

If you use the ASME orifice meter equations, taking into consideration the Reynolds number, this will in turn cover your high viscosity application.

Also important you may consider a clean fluid and membranes to separate the mesured fluid from the PD sensor.