GE Gas Turbine Frame 6 Manual


In our power plant 30mw GE frame 6 duel fuel (gas and distillate) Co generation gas turbine in use and mark 6e system upgraded. I'm GT control room operator. I need manual for control room operator. I need all diagnostic and all tripping alarm list of mark6e for GE 30 mw GT.

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>I need all diagnostic and all
>tripping alarm list of mark6e for GE 30 mw GT.

The GE Mark VIe HMI should have a display which lists all the conditions that will result in a turbine trip. The descriptions may be a little cryptic and are certainly extremely brief but, if properly configured (and there's no guarantee of that) it is the best place to start learning about the conditions that will result in a turbine trip.

As for Diagnostic Alarms, there is no site-specific list of Diagnostic Alarms. You must use ToolboxST and the 'Mark VIe System Guide,' GEH-6721, usually either Vol. II or Vol. III, to look up the Diagnostic Alarm message information. Diagnostic Alarms are associated with either the main processor (UCSx) or the I/O Pack and associated terminal board and have a number (called a "Drop Number"). Find the specific processor or I/O Pack and terminal board in GEH-6721 and go to the Diagnostic Alarm section for that processor or I/O Pack and terminal board and scroll down to the Drop Number(s) shown in ToolboxST for information regarding the alarm and how to resolve it.

I'm told newer versions of ToolboxST have the ability to double click on the Diagnostic Alarm in ToolboxST, and the appropriate information from GEH-6721 will be displayed. (That presumes the HMI was configured correctly either at the factory or by the commissioning field service person.)

But, there is no site-specific list of turbine trips (and a generic list would be huge and useless) or Diagnostic Alarms. There is only the application code running in the Mark VIe for turbine trips and the information in GEH-6721 for Diagnostic Alarms.

You would do well to work with a instrumentation & controls technician at your site who can use ToolboxST to view the application code running in the Mark VIe to develop a proper written description of each turbine trip condition that can be shared with the other operators, the operations supervisor(s), the other I&C technicians, the maintenance personnel and plant management. Everyone can benefit from such a list, and discussing how to anticipate the trips and the actions to take to avoid trips. You would be putting a great big feather in your cap (which is an analogy for gaining respect and credibility with your colleagues at the plant). It's not going to be easy--at first; but you AND the I&C tech, working together, will be able to help each other and both also learn as well.

If you have questions or need assistance we at can help. Patience and persistence will be nicely rewarded--I guarantee it.

And, one CANNOT trip the turbine clicking around in ToolboxST (presuming that no advanced password-required levels are activated, and even then someone would have to be trying to trip the turbine, it wouldn't just happen).

Best of luck, and I hope you choose to work with an I&C tech--and use work through the trip conditions on the HMI trip display.

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