GE MS3002 2nd Stage Nozzles Stuck


Troubleshooting sticky nozzles on our MS3002 turbine. Measured 8500kPa hydraulic pressure max when nozzles stick and wonder if that pressure is high enough? Might be worth increasing this to 95000kPa? What should it be? Control system is Woodward Governor Micronet retrofit and seems to be doing all right.


The answer to your question is: What is the nominal pressure rating of the second-stage nozzle actuator, <b>OR,</b> the hydraulic system that supplies the second stage nozzle actuator?

If the second nozzles are sticking ("binding") then there is either a mechanical issue with the actuator or the nozzle ring or one or more of the bushings, or possibly with the servo-valve.

We don't know what you have done to try to troubleshoot the problem or what the results were. We don't know if the second stage nozzle actuator was supplied by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or the Micronet control system supplier. There's just too much we don't know--BUT raising the supply pressure doesn't seem to be the proper solution and may cause unintended consequences and even catastrophic failure, possibly even fire.

Hope this helps!