General Electric MCC module for DEVICENET?


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I will appreciate your help with this issue:

We have at our mill site a mixed installation of MCCs: Cutler Hammer and General Electric. We have had trouble with the latter because the communication system, forced on Devicenet, has terrible performance.

General Electric has offered a new module, SPECTRA ECM SECMOD4, which has been tested in the field (only one module) and, so far, seems to have
overcome the weaknesses of the former one.

...Nevertheless the modules don't bear the ODVA compliance certificate and we don't have enough information to foresee the quality of performance of the approx 40 modules we will need working in the net.

¿Has anyone had experience with this hardware?

¿Can anyone give advise so as to make a decision on changing the current modules?


Luis Villegas

Cali Colombia.