Headphone stand sensor to toggle pc sound settings?

Hi there. I was hoping someone could tell me whether this is a feasible project for a complete novice?

I'd like to build a headphone stand with some sort of sensor built in to detect whether my headphones are hanging on it, or not - and to toggle audio output on my PC between the PC speakers and the headset accordingly.

Any help/pointers very gratefully received.
I have several PC amplifier/speaker sets of various ages.
Most have a forward facing headphone sockets similar to a Hi Fi Amplifier
so changeover is automatic.
For the one that doesn't have a headphone socket, the audio feed jack from the PC
would be directly replaced by the headphone connector.

For a disconnectionless setup, you would have to work out what a headphone stand would
be made of and how to detect headphone presence, a miniature limit switch or perhaps
proximity switch that would detect the headband.
This detector could then drive a relay which could switch the audio signals from speaker
to headphone through relay contacts. Quite how you would do this depends on what
equipment you have.

You would in effect have to do your own feasability study by drawing/sketching in detail
a design round your own hardware. By doing so you could submit the idea here for comment.