HMI server time and date is not correct


My watch isn't working. What could be the problem?

Would you ask, ”Is it a digital watch or an analog watch? Does it have a battery or is it solar powered or does it have a mechanical watch mechanism? Is the time correct once a day, or twice a day or not at all during the day? If it has a battery have you replaced the battery? If it has a mechanical watch mechanism have you wound it recently?”

In the same way I provided zero information about my watch problem(s), you provided zero information about your situation. We are not there beside you; we don't know what you have done to try to resolve the problem or what the results were. We don't know if there is a master time signal that should be controlling the HMI time display. WE KNOW NOTHING--BECAUSE YOU TOLD US NOTHING.

And you expect a concise and precise response?


Do you believe we can read minds and predict the future, too?

You want help, you gotta give us SOMETHING to work with. Who made your HMI? With what software and operating system? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO TROUBLESHOOT THE PROBLEM--AND EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY: WHAT WERE THE RESULTS?