how can i control my parallel port over the internet?

The software you need to do this is:

1) A web server that supports CGI.
2) The actual program that talks to the parallel port and controls your circuit.
3) HTML page that the user sees with buttons etc that fire up the CGI program.

Alternatively, you may decide to create a bundle of your own - that is a simple webserver dedicated to serving html pages and handling your specific commands (for the port access and control).

We have done this kind of thing for a client of ours. We wrote a program that that controls and monitors several equipment in a factory using the serial port, and this info is made available to the www world by a web-server built into the same program. It works on any windows system. It has been written in VC++ 6.0.

As per choice of languages, you have several - VC++ is the best choice for windows. You can also do it in Java.

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I could not get much from the page you supplied the url for, but as far as I know, you may access parallel port programatically.

The port can be controlled using a VXD(in Win98) or a .sys driver, which must have an interface to ring3 (application layer) in Windows. To try the concept, you may download the free "io.dll" or similar commercial products vailable on the net.

Having the driver or the dll, you can control the port using any high level programming language which is able to make dll function calls, like in C++, VC++, VB ,MASM, etc.

Finally, to access the port over a network or the Internet, you need an application that remotely connects to a server in the PC with the port driver running. The client then may access the port remotely through the server program and the dll (or driver)

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parallel port can be controlled though inport, outport statements in VC++, or u can make a dll with these functions and use in VB. The best way to achieve this web control is to maintain a small access database with latest switching status info, which can be programmed in VB with a timer. then u can make this database available on the web using ASP pages.

Did you manage to control the printer port via internet. Am also working on a similar project and would like to get your assistance.

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