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Omar Saeed

I need to know how to control earth voltage i.e. voltage between Neutral-Earth. We have a site which is built on top of a rock hill. We have dug a earth pit and its depth is about 10 feet. We cannot go any deeper because after this we hit solid rocks.

Now the problem is that we require less then 2volts between Earth & Neutral but we cannot get it less then 15volts. This is not acceptable as it is connected to Networking equipment.

Please suggest us some solution or if there is any device which can be connected to it which can control this voltage to a acceptable level.

Please check possibility of using an isolation transformer . Ground one leg of ourput to get 0 volts .
You can also use more pits so as to get near to required voltages .


I suggest add another ground pit until you have a voltage less than your required.

place the ground pit with a distance twice the length of the grounding rod for the purpose of not accomodating the area of influence of the other ground rods. hence, the additional ground pit will be useless..

If the area is to small and addition of ground pit is not applicable, you can use grounding enhancement materials. Temporarily you can use coal and salt mixture poured around your ground rod. These lessen the resistance of the soil,, of course lower resistance lead to less voltage.

There are available ground enhancement materials in the market. These comes with cement compound. Meaning you need not renew it unless itll be destroyed.

Another thing to lessen the voltage is to use chem rods which contains chemical that also lessen the resistance.

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I suggest so. Isolate your ground and neutral physically, transmitt the current/signal with Electromagnetic or Photoelectric induction. You can decide the volt on the neutral side.

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As Koy Zang said you need to isolate your communications signals. I doubt you will ever get the ground potential down, even if you do you will still get transients interfering with your data. A fiber optic link or perhaps wireless should do it.

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