How to Setup Bently Nevada Proximity Sensors


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We have a compressor which has Four Bently Nevada Proximity Sensors P/N 330180-51-05. These are marked as Compressor Gearbox Instrumentation. These four are marked as X Probe, Y Probe, Z Probe and Speed Sensor. This compressor package will be controlled by a Local PLC. We have no idea how to interface and control these via PLC as these transducers require -17.5 to -26VDC input Power Supply and Output is also in -7.87 V/mm. Each transducer has three terminals marked as Out, COM and Vt (-24VDC). We have not used these transducers before. So i need details from an experience user regarding how to supply -24VDC power from a conventional 24VDC Power Supply, and how to interface and monitor output of these transducers to my PLC analog input Card.

Please guide me on this.
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Any Bentley Nevada proximitors or proximity probes comes as a full package which includes its rack which is installed inside a panel at a remote safe location. The rack contains Bently nevada's own power supply unit and individual modules according to the proximitors or sensors used in field. Each modules have their own backplane from where the wiring is done till field where the proximitors are installed(inside a jb). Each backplane can power four proximitors and everything is marked on the backplane (out, Com and Vt). So you just need to do the wiring. Now the programming of the modules are to be done using 3500 rack configuration software and retransmission to plc is also to be configured in software and the wiring to be done is from backplane to plc. Each backplane has individual connectors which are all marked. So you don't need to worry at all.
The only way I know of is to interface the transducer back to a Bently rack (3300 or 3500).

Do you have a Bently rack? sounds like a no. If not, you will need some way to interface the transducer to the PLC. I don't think you can use a standard 24 volt power supply because you still need a way to measure the output from the transducer. There maybe a PLC module or other equipment that the transducers can be hooked up to other than a Bently rack. Try an internet search for that.

As far as setting up the probes, from my memory they are pretty much linear from 10-90 mils. We set our radial and speed pickup probes at 50 mils from the object being measured. That is right in the middle of their range. Measure the voltage from common to out. We get ours close to -10VDC.

To set thrust the shaft to where the active position is "0", thrust shaft to active position and set the probe to read -10VDC.

To set thrust where the middle of the thrust is "0".
1. Thrust shaft toward probe

2. Set probe to -10VDC

3. Thrust shaft away from probe

4. Take total traveled voltage and divide by 2. (ex. -2v travel/2=-1)

5. Add step 4 to step 2. (ex. (-1) + (-10) = -11VDC)

6. Set probe to voltage in step 5. (ex. -11VDC)

This will get you close.

Anyone have any other ways they setup their probes?

How about setting the axial? We set ours to where the 0 is in the middle of the thrust. Anyone setup to where 0 is the active position?