Increase of temp spread after CI of GT


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In one of our GT (gas turbine), we have get CI done and after completion of CI when the GT was taken in line, we have found that the temp spread has increase by 10 deg, which is not desirable.

Kindly explain what may be the reason and what is the solution .

DK Sarma
DK Sarma,

My watch stopped working. What could be the problem?

How would you start trying to help me troubleshoot the problem, over the World Wide Web, without knowing if the watch is digital or analog? If it has a battery or if it has a spring mechanism?

You haven't told what fuel the unit is burning, what the manufacturer or packager of the GT (gas turbine) is. Nothing.

Exhaust temperature spreads in multi-can annular combustion systems are almost always caused by imbalances in fuel flows to the combustors. Plugged (choked) fuel nozzles; bad check valves; worn fuel nozzle orifices. Improper re-assembly.

Another cause is imbalanced air flows in the combustors caused by cracked liners or improper reassembly of the combustors.

But, nothing more can be said <i>based on the lack of information provided.</i>
Hello CSA,

Thank you for prompt response & sorry for not providing the required information. Ours are GE make Gas turbine with HRSG boilers (Frame-5, with Mark-VIe control system, packager was John-Brown) and runs on natural gas.

Thanks again and kindly inform if any additional inputs are required.
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