Indirect addressing on Modicon Quantum Using ProWORX NxT


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I need to search a block of registers for the register with the least value (about 10 long). I want to set up a subroutine which TESTs the first two, takes the highest value and stores it in a pointer register to be used along with the next register for the next TEST operation.

I don't see a way to use indirect addressing, i.e. just use something like TEST #400120 as the value which is pointing to the next register. Is there a way? If not, maybe there some way to use IBKR/W.
Got it figured out using one network and a few T->R BLKM and SUB blocks.

About the indirect addressing, it doesn't appear so. All that Schneider Tech Support offered was trying IBKR/W.

Not having a simple indirect addressing method really turns me off LL984.

John Fuhrman

I believe you've figured out the best way in LL984. FYI, you can use indirect addressing in IEC with Concept or Unity.
I would really like to know how. There are several questions about indirect addressing with modicon and the answers are just "yes it can be done" Could somebody say how? I'm especially interested on knowing how to do it using concept and IEC.

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