Instrument Engineers' Handbook, 4th edition


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Bela Liptak

Dear Colleagues,

It seems that the 4th edition of the IEH will be published jointly by CR Press and ISA. Just as it was the case in the previous editions, my goal is
to select the most qualified co-authors for each topic in this multi-volume handbook. Therefore, if you (or one of your colleagues) is particularly
experienced in a particular area of automation and/or process control, please fill out the contributor's form on the IEH-Web-Page at:

and email or mail to me at the address shown there or below.

For any information concerning the IEH, including the list of contents proposed for the 4th edition, please also refer to the IEH-Web-Page.

While the contents have already been reviewed and commented on by hundreds of our colleagues, if you have more suggestions, please let me have them. Similarly, if you want to re-send this
invitation to some of your qualified colleagues, please feel free to do so.

Best regards,

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