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Pierre R. Hinse CET

Hello All,
Does anyone have information on Intouch Wonderware Structure.
Back in the mid 80s when Wonderware came out they used their data structure.
Does anyone know what it based on?
And have they changed it since, except for SQL of course?

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Pierre R. Hinse CET

What is the structure based on if anything?
What we really want to do, is access the tag name database, for: tagnames, values, alarm states.


Lewis Bodden

You can get those things from the Database Dump (DBDump) of the Tagname dictionary or if you need live data you can use the DDE links.

If you just need information from the Tagname dictionary use the DBDump utility to generate a DB.CSV file which you can read into Excel or a database. When you read it into Excel you have to do some formatting to see every thing correctly. Select all the cells (click the gray rectangle in the upper-left corner of the worksheet where the row and column headings meet) and do an auto width fit by double-clicking the boundary to the right of a column heading.

If you are doing this to document an application then get a copy of ParseIt from Quick WizE Factory. It Splits up the CSV file for you and formats the workbook. It also generates some other useful list.

If you want to get live data then use the DDE Links. You have to specify the application, Topic and Item. In Excel you would type =VIEW|Tagname!'$Second' to get the built-in Seconds tag value. This is a Hot Link. It updates when the value changes. There is a limit to the number you can put in Excel. You can also go to the driver directly, but there are problems when you scale the value. There are other methods that can get a snapshot of the data.

If you really need to get into the Tagnames.ndx file, I have some information about it but I am reluctant to post it.

I hope this helps.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Lewis Bodden

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