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Jim Pinto

Automation List :

Thank you for your emails asking for my view
on the news that the GE acquisition of Honeywell
has run into troubles in Europe.

Walt Boyes asked some key questions last week,
and I provided some immediate feedback.

I have included my analysis of the GE/Honeywell
situation in the latest issue of JimPinto.com eNews,
dated June 18, 2001, now on the web at :
Business, marketing & futures commentary.
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* GE dumps Honeywell
* Dick Morley : e-quick manufacturing predictions for 2020
* 5 Questions for Gordon (Moore's Law) Moore
* eBook : David Bell - Cannibal Economics
* Web Predictions
* eFeedback :
- Rockwell talking with Schneider & Siemens
- Engineers contempt for the Unabomber
- Freedom of the Internet

I'll appreciate your comments & feedback !

Jim Pinto
email: [email protected]
Web: www.JimPinto.com
San Diego, CA. USA